11/28/09 Novel proposal sent!

Thanksgiving weekend has so many things to be thankful for! A wonderful family, good health, great jobs, etc. But I am so very grateful that after a couple of months of chipping away at my first novel proposal, it is finished and sent! I lost track of the numerous crises that demanded my attention, but having another client pass away took its toll on me.

I would have liked to have been at this stage three or four weeks ago. But my deadlines were self-imposed and I have to trust God with working out the timing of all factors. The novel proposal will be received on Monday 11/30/09. Now I wait and pray. In the meantime, I will work on revisions of Heart in Healing and Heart of Redemption.

About Johnna Postic

I am a Christian writer. God called me to be a writer in my late teens, but I didn't know in what capacity. I started journaling and kept detailed journals, especially during my dating years. My journals ended up being a story of emotional healing demonstrating the grace and power of God's love. My first novel, Heart at War, is based on those journals. Feel free to explore the rest of the website for more details.
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