Thin Places – 2/10/10

Mary E. Demuth’s memoir was just released 2/5/10. I read it today. Although memiors aren’t my favorite style of literature, I thoroughly enjoyed her spritual journey through memories revealing a traumatic and abusive childhood, totally redeemed, restored, and made whole through Jesus. Only God can make something good result out of bad. My favorite sentence in the whole book was on page 157: “Like Job after God vomits His majesty all over him, I suddenly feel small.”

About Johnna Postic

I am a Christian writer. God called me to be a writer in my late teens, but I didn't know in what capacity. I started journaling and kept detailed journals, especially during my dating years. My journals ended up being a story of emotional healing demonstrating the grace and power of God's love. My first novel, Heart at War, is based on those journals. Feel free to explore the rest of the website for more details.
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