Stretching in God’s strength – 3/7/10

The writing critique groups I joined help my writing abilities improve and flourish. It’s like pruning a tree. The initial cutting off of branches may inflict a little trauma to the tree, but in the end the tree blooms bigger and better for it. All my wonderful critiquers point out flaws I hadn’t seen and sprinkle in some encouragement. I appreciate them for it, although there are plenty of days when I don’t know how to fix the flaws or even where to begin.

I continually ask God, are you sure I’m the one to deliver this message? Yes, I know God doesn’t need me. He could pick someone else if I don’t answer the call. I occasionally consider doing just that, but I can’t seem to avoid the call. So, I pray and ask God to hear my cry, because I can’t do what He’s asking me to do without Him. In our weakness He is made strong. This novel has God written all over it. He is infused in it. After all, it’s ultimately about trusting Him with everything.

Here I am God. I’m humbly offering myself over to you. Use me.

About Johnna Postic

I am a Christian writer. God called me to be a writer in my late teens, but I didn't know in what capacity. I started journaling and kept detailed journals, especially during my dating years. My journals ended up being a story of emotional healing demonstrating the grace and power of God's love. My first novel, Heart at War, is based on those journals. Feel free to explore the rest of the website for more details.
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2 Responses to Stretching in God’s strength – 3/7/10

  1. Kaylee says:

    Wow! I feel the same way about our crit group! I am so glad you are part of it, and it is wonderful to know that you are stretching and growing from our words of input.

  2. Rebecca Lynn says:

    Great blog, Johnna. I have a hard time (especially the first couple of critiques I get on a new chapter) not taking critiques to heart. It always helps that my critiquers are trying to encourage me as well. And when I have a little space, it gets better.

    I often wonder if I’m the right person to be writing the message I feel like I’ve been given, and I have squared with the fact that I may never end up getting published. But even the opportunity to be obedient, and to get a little better at a craft I enjoy, I think will be good for me.

    Of course, I only think that on my good days. :-) On my bad days, I want to quit. But there are more good days than bad. :-) Thanks for the blog post!

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