Awkward inspiration – 5/10/13

My mother is complicated and contradictory. I have odd mixed feelings of love and obligation, more often the latter, but God placed her as my mother and I respect that. She has made some poor choices where her health is concerned, by not exercising and unhealthy food choices. These choices have cost her dearly as she aged. That’s the awkward inspiration part. She admits to being lazy and stubbornly refuses to change, attributing it to being too old to change now. But we’re never too old to change our ways.

I’ve made some healthier choices and even some drastic decisions in the interest of good health. Having bariatric surgery a few years ago was one decision that probably saved my life. I also try to limit sugary foods. But there are many choices I could implement to improve my health. Drinking more water and exercising regularly are two that come to mind. I walk quite a bit for my job, but it’s not the same. As mother’s day approaches, I think of my mother in rehab learning to walk again. She inspires me to change.

This post may not have any readers, but I wanted to voice this quirky conclusion about my Mom and how she inspires me to be a better example for my family. I love you Mom.

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I am a Christian writer. God called me to be a writer in my late teens, but I didn't know in what capacity. I started journaling and kept detailed journals, especially during my dating years. My journals ended up being a story of emotional healing demonstrating the grace and power of God's love. My first novel, Heart at War, is based on those journals. Feel free to explore the rest of the website for more details.
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